A few words about

What We Do

Safe Discipleship
Family Empowerment
Church Empowerment
Charity Ministry
  1. Safe Discipleship: At Safe Hands Mission evangelism is a priority. it is indeed the first step in any of our programs, the discipleship program, it is simply means of sharing the gospel message. We hold public outreaches visiting the communities especially those in the hard to reach areas, churches, hospitals and learning institutions.
  2. We nurture children generally with the hope of raising them with good Christian moral values and prepare them to lead and steer the nations forward. we have been able to reach out over 1,000,000 children with the good news to a wide representation of the people in Entebbe, Buikwe , Buyende,  Kayunga and more. we have had the opportunity as a ministry to develop a growing and diversify community outreach program me.
  3. Education: Safe scholarship Program Me
  4. We simply provide education for orphaned or disadvantaged children using donations from friends and partners within and abroad.
  5. Charity Ministry:
  6. There are some people in the community that have been forgotten. As God gives us the ability to help we try especially those who are sick and have no food , homes and are in a desperate need.
  7. Family Empowerment:
  8. To provide trainings to needy families, with the hope of empowering them with hands on skills in areas of Agriculture, technical abilities, helping building such families and homes, equipping them with necessary practical skills to transform their lives.